Alphabet dates: Dancing!

It was my turn in alphabet dates with the letter D. I took quite a while to think of something – darts, dominoes!?

In the end I found Gorgon City were playing at the O2 in Boscombe as part of their UK tour so I thought Mike and I could go watch them under the Dancing category! I bought tickets a while ago and then told Mike to keep that Friday night free.

Alphabet dates: Dancing!

I’m terrible at keeping surprises a surprise and kept asking Mike if he wanted me to tell him our plans. He resisted though!

I decided to add another feature to our dates in that we have to get as many letter items in as possible (always competitive!). So we headed back to the Treehouse after work on Friday night and had some homemade strawberry daiquiris with doritos to start, followed by a dinner of crispy duck.

Alphabet dates: Dancing! Alphabet dates: Dancing!

Slight deviation from the date but worth a note for the on-line ‘diary’… just as we were leaving Mike spotted a fly and insisted he ambush it before we left. Every possible fly swatting utensil was used much to my amusement! Here is just a taster of shots…

Alphabet dates: Dancing!

As we walked up to the O2 in Boscombe the queue looked slightly concerning from the outside, in that we were joining an under 18’s disco, but the age averaged out whilst we were inside (probably by us bringing the average down!). I ordered some drinks at the bar but my shouting over the music must have been misheard and we somehow ended up with a double vodka and monster… so romantic for our date!

Alphabet dates: Dancing!

The music was really good and Gorgon City played all my favourite songs, in case you want to listen:

The best song being ‘Ready For Your Love’ (dum dum dum dummm) which they saved until last.

Alphabet dates: Dancing!

Alphabet dates: Dancing!

There were a few DJ’s on after Gorgon City but Mike and I jumped in a taxi and headed back to the Treehouse for ‘D’runk food which consisted of a packet of quavers!

Over to Mike to think of something ‘E’xciting next!

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