Alphabet Dates: Crabbing

Mike and I are alphabet dating…. ‘as it says on the tin’ – a date based on each letter of the alphabet. I only remembered to take pictures from date C onwards, so A (art) and B (bike ride to Boscombe) are missing!

It was Mike’s turn to think of something. As I haven’t ever been crabbing before (despite being a born and raised seaside girl) he decided we would go down to Mudeford Quay and give it a go.

September sunshine.

September sunshine.

Swans - pretty, but so aggressive!

Swans – pretty, but so aggressive!

We bought some bait (mackerel, although crabs seem to be very partial to a bit of raw bacon), a bucket and a line and got started. It took a while to catch our first crab, but it was worth the wait, it was a whopper!

Mike showing me how it's done.

Mike showing me how it’s done.

Crabbing, Mudeford Quay

Crabbing, Mudeford Quay


It’s quite a popular spot, there were people lined all along the quay wall.

Popular spot!

Some people were taking the easy route and using nets, one family we saw caught over 100!

I think they counted to over 100!

Big un' and little un'.

Big un’ and little un’.

Releasing back to the sea.

Releasing crabs back to the sea.

Now to think of an activity beginning with D…

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